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Die Cut Parts

Yamato can produce paint masking diecuts to suite your requirements. From Acetate tape to uniquely shaped PVC.

Leaders in the auto industry have relied on Yamato's many years of experience to create solutions to their most complex masking problems.

PVC Die Cuts

  • Strong adhesion but easy to remove
  • Liner papers are made for quick take off
  • Excellent for sharp break lines and can be designed to fit any shape
  • Special backing prevents flaking
  • A variety of adhesive types, temperature variances, and sizes

PVC Die Cut Roll

PVC Die Cut Products

Crepe Die Cuts

  • Used for large area masking
  • Inexpensive
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive with good adhesion and holding power
  • Provides resistance to paint flaking

Crepe Die Cut Rolls

Crepe Die Cut Products

Paper Die Cuts

  • Masking paper is a polyethylene laminated brown paper
  • Economical product used for large areas and diecuts
  • Used in combination with other tapes to cover the break line areas
  • Durable and has a high heat resistance

Masking Paper Die Cut with PVC Tape

Aluminum Die Cuts

  • Aluminum foil is used for large area masking and die cuts
  • Easily applied around corners and over rough surfaces
  • Coated foil prevents flaking
  • High Temperature capability
  • Inexpensive
  • Used in combination with masking tape for break lines

Aluminum Die Cut Rolls

Aluminum Die Cut Products


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