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Roll Masker Parts

We produce high quality roll maskers in our cutting edge facilities. Roll maskers are used for large surfaces, curved edges, and straight lines. A variety of tapes can be attached to films and paper to create roll maskers.

They can be custom-made with the specific high quality tape and film, which will fit your exact masking requirements. They can be unrolled quickly for fast application and easy removal.

High Temperature Resistent Roll Maskers

Some painting projects require exceptionally high baking temperatures. Our polypropylene film maskers are designed to withstand the highest temperature variances used while baking in the paint drying ovens. They are economical and easy to use as well.

Non-Ghosting Roll Maskers

We also produce specialized film roll maskers designed for high temperature applications, which will not cause discoloration nor flaking.

Roll Maskers with HDPE Film

The most common roll maskers are made with HDPE film, which is inexpensive and readily available in all different sizes. It can also withstand high temperature.


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