High Standard Yamato Products in North America by Yamato Int'l Corp.

Yamato USA has been developing high standard Yamato products in North America for the automobile industry since 1986. We specialize in various automotive applications, including interior/exterior ornamental parts, anti-noise & protective parts, tape masking parts, roll masker parts, as well as paint masking products to our customer's exact specifications.
Yamato's adhesive products have an advantage in giving a feel of high grades and good characteristics, like an instrumental panel of a car and decorative strips on the body.
These products show the essence of Yamato's long-accumulated technology and know-how like: durable materials under severe climates, where a motor-vehicle would be operated under extreme temperature, ultraviolet light, heavy rain, etc., superior knowledge and experiences about adhesion, and masking system that produces a sharp line fitting even on an uneven curved surface.
Some of our featured products include:
Blackout Tape
PVC Tape
Crepe Tape
Polypropylene Tape
Roll Maskers
Masking Die cut Tape
Protection Tape
Double sided Tape
Tape Applicators
Robot Cover